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Yes! Maternity Bras Are A Waste Of Money! Unless..

You buy a maternity bra that actually 'grows' with you, to fit perfectly all pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Then it goes from "why would I ever get one of these?" to "WOW! I went through my whole pregnancy without having to size up even once!"

And that's exactly why Nikki decided to try 3 of our bras for only $39.95. Here's what happened:

"If I remember correctly, the package arrived within 4 days of placing my order and along with came an email asking if there were any issues with my bras.

Which (& I'm sorry to say) there definitely were ..

The Biggest Downside Was: I Never Wanted To Take 'Em Off!

I liked the bras TOO much! Like you know that fantastic feeling you get when peeling your bra off at the end of the day? Where your skin feels like it can finally breathe again?

Yeah, well these bras took that away from me! I felt so comfy throughout the day that I no longer looked forward to taking my bra off.

But seriously, the comfort these give you throughout the day is like nothing I’ve experienced before.

When I first put them on, I noticed the silky smooth inner cups - they felt divine! And the rest of the bra? It's was softer than any warm, fuzzy blanket I've ever wrapped myself in.

And even though they're underwire free, the support they gave me was perfect - it made me feel secure, without any restriction or discomfort.

Basically they were fantastic, but fast forward a couple months and this is where the actual magic happens...

They Fit Me Like A Glove, Even At My Biggest

A couple weeks before my due date - at my biggest - I decided to try my old bra on (the bra I was wearing right before my momma's shop bras) just for fun.

And as I put it on, I knew it was gonna be bad..

My boobs were SPILLING out of the old bra! Over the top and around the sides, which is not too surprising considering both my girls and ribcage grew quite a bit.

But the crazy part is, my momma’s shop bras fit exactly the same as they did when I first got them - perfectly!

Let me say it again: My momma’s shop bra fit PERFECTLY when I first got 'em and fit just as well when my boobs were at their largest.. They literally fit like a glove the entire time and never lacked support.

Comfier (& Cuter) Than Maternity Bras Costing Twice As Much

Fast forward a couple months later, when I was at my smallest while nursing, my momma’s shop bras still fit me just as well as when I first got 'em!

Which reminds me.. the nursing clips? They’re SO easy to use. I would easily unclip them with one hand and even when in public, it was so easy to use them under my shirt without snagging or tearing my clothes.

Fast forward to today, after wearing them throughout my pregnancy and a couple months into nursing I realize just how good of an investment these really were.

Most other maternity bras out there (& least the ones I liked) cost around $50-$60 each and they weren't even close to as cute or comfy looking. Not to mention I'm sure I would've had to size up a couple times had I gotten another bra.

Come join Nikki today and grab 3 bras that’ll last you throughout pregnancy, postpartum and years beyond for only $39.95!

For Only $39.95 You Can Grab 3 Bras That'll Fit You Perfectly All Pregnancy & Through Postpartum

Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Sale Momma's Shop
Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Sale Momma's Shop
Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Sale Momma's Shop
Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Sale Momma's Shop
Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Sale Momma's Shop
Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Sale Momma's Shop

Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra 🇺🇸

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Quick note from our co-founder, Maria: Online shopping can be scary at times (especially during pregnancy). You can order from us with confidence, knowing we offer FREE exchanges/returns (for your first exchange within 30 days of your order arriving) and I personally answer each customer support email as quickly as possible!

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  • The straps are thick but not uncomfortable
  • All 3 colors are super cute
  • It’s got 4 clips in the back and is wide enough all around to give lots of support without any squeezing & discomfort
  • No issues under a T-shirt, or any shirt. Even if you leak nothing shows through
  • It has clips that are super easy to use for nursing
  • They’re great for nighttime use, daytime use and even exercise like jogging, yoga, etc.
  • They fit so well (almost as if they were specifically made for your body) and the cups keep their shape

100% Perfect-Fit Guarantee 

Even the best bra is no good if the fit sucks!

While our bras are highly adaptable (wear them a few times and you'll begin to notice), sometimes the fit just isn't right.

That's why we have our 100% Perfect-Fit Guarantee:

Try our bras on at home, wash them and if you're not 100% satisfied with the fit within 30 days of receiving your bras, simply send us an email, return the bra to us, and we'll replace it with a different size. Your first return is FREE, a shipping label will be sent to you :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the bra grow?

A: Our bra "grows with you" thanks to its unique spandex infused cotton fabric. The fabric will stretch without adding any additional pressure, to give you the most comfortable experience possible.

Q: Is there underwire?

A: Our bra is under-wire free! It has all the support (& more) of regular under-wire bras, but none of the discomfort. You'll forget you're even wearing a bra.

Q: Is clip easy to use with one hand?

A: Yes, the front facing clips have been designed to easily unclip without damaging or catching on your clothes. 

Q: Can I use nursing pads with this? 

A: Yes, but our bras already have built in pads which are extremely soft & comfortable, as well as naturally anti-odor.

Q: Do they have padding?

A: Yes, our bras have sewn in pads which are extremely soft & comfortable, as well as naturally anti-odor.

Q: When should I buy this?

A: You can buy our bras anytime during pregnancy or postpartum as they're so adaptable and will fit perfectly throughout your whole journey :)

Q: Can I wear this when sleeping?

A: Yes, our bras are very comfortable and won't bother you during sleep.

Q: What if the bra doesn't fit correctly?

A: You may return it to us for a free replacement!