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How much would you pay for a maternity bra that is so comfortable you would never take it off?

"For me the answer was quite a bit. More than I’d like to admit actually.

The moment my belly started growing I knew I needed to find new bras, and so started my quest for the perfect bra.

I searched everywhere, retail stores, maternity shops, boutiques, custom fitting services…

And for what? All this quest left me was a bill for $1,487.15.

I counted it up to know how much money I wasted.

If only I had just known what I know now.

It came like a gift from above.

On a dreary Saturday morning as I sat dejected with my 30 or so maternity bras scattered around me.

All useless pieces of cloth.

It was an ad believe it or not, but it instantly caught my attention because it claimed to solve the very problem I had been battling for months now, and for only $39.95.

I clicked on it and could not believe my eyes.

This was the first time I had heard of Momma’s Shop, so I was highly skeptical.

No way someone had created a bra that “grows with you”, no way it was that cute, no way they were selling 3 of them for $39.95.

There had to be a catch.

I rushed to the reviews, I knew the truth would be hidden there, it always is.

But I read one perfect review after another, three thousand plus of them.

Who was this company? How come I hadn’t heard of them before?

I bought three bras.

They came three days later and my life was instantly changed.

It was all true.

The moment I put the bra on I knew it was the one.

The cups were so soft, the straps so supportive, the clips so secure, the fabric so stretchy.

I didn’t take my bra off until the next day. What?! I slept in it. I never thought that was possible.

Momma, listen to me. Your search is over, you've found the perfect bra. Same as I did, just way quicker.

Damn, you’re so lucky.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!"

- Nikki, single mom and full-time teacher.

Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Momma's Shop
Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Momma's Shop
Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Momma's Shop
Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Momma's Shop
Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Momma's Shop
Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra Momma's Shop

Momma's Comfy Maternity Bra👶

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Quick note from our co-founder, Maria: Online shopping can be scary at times (especially during pregnancy). You can order from us with confidence, knowing we offer FREE exchanges/returns (for your first exchange within 30 days of your order arriving) and I personally answer each customer support email as quickly as possible!

So Comfy Mommas Forget They’re Even Wearing Them!

Our bras provide the support you need, without the discomfort that comes with it.

Automatically Fits Your Body

Our bras ‘grow with you’ through your pregnancy, keeping you comfortable - without having to buy new bras.

No matter how much, or how little your breasts grow during pregnancy, our spandex infused cotton bras will comfortably match their size - without adding any pressure. 

You'll Wonder If You're Wearing It

Wearing a bra sucks. We eagerly wait to take it off and once we do, the feeling is wonderful.

Our bras feel wonderful all the time! You won’t be able to tell if you’re wearing them or not.

Momma’s bras are specially designed — using only the softest cotton — to keep your feeling your best throughout the day.

  • Can be worn during any part of pregnancy or postpartum 

  • No underwire for maximum comfort, yet just as supportive

  • Naturally anti-odor, quick to dry & no irritation

  • Breathable, yet leak-proof to prevent embarrassing moments

  • Responsibly made with 95% cotton / 5% spandex 

  • Straps won’t fall down or irritate your skin

  • Sewn in breast padding that won't bunch up

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2-in-1 Nursing & Maternity Bra

Once your munchkin is born, it’s time to switch over to a nursing bra. They make breast-feeding discreet and convenient, since the cups easily unclip from the front of the strap.

Normally you’d have to go out and buy more bras, but ours doubles as a nursing bra - making the journey into motherhood as easy as possible. 

The clips used on Momma’s bras can easily be unclipped with one hand and won’t ever catch on, or damage your clothes.

100% Perfect-Fit Guarantee 

Even the best bra is no good if the fit sucks!

While our bras are highly adaptable (wear them a few times and you'll begin to notice), sometimes the fit just isn't right.

That's why we have our 100% Perfect-Fit Guarantee:

Try our bras on at home, wash them and if you're not 100% satisfied with the fit within 30 days of receiving your bras, simply send us an email, return the bra to us, and we'll replace it with a different size. Your first return is FREE, a shipping label will be sent to you :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the bra grow?

A: Our bra "grows with you" thanks to its unique spandex infused cotton fabric. The fabric will stretch without adding any additional pressure, to give you the most comfortable experience possible.

Q: Is there underwire?

A: Our bra is under-wire free! It has all the support (& more) of regular under-wire bras, but none of the discomfort. You'll forget you're even wearing a bra.

Q: Is clip easy to use with one hand?

A: Yes, the front facing clips have been designed to easily unclip without damaging or catching on your clothes. 

Q: Can I use nursing pads with this? 

A: Yes, but our bras already have built in pads which are extremely soft & comfortable, as well as naturally anti-odor.

Q: Do they have padding?

A: Yes, our bras have sewn in pads which are extremely soft & comfortable, as well as naturally anti-odor.

Q: When should I buy this?

A: You can buy our bras anytime during pregnancy or postpartum as they're so adaptable and will fit perfectly throughout your whole journey :)

Q: Can I wear this when sleeping?

A: Yes, our bras are very comfortable and won't bother you during sleep.

Q: What if the bra doesn't fit correctly?

A: You may return it to us for a free replacement!