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"Sex in a Jar" Heavenly Body Scrub

"When I tell you this stuff is magical I mean it! It truly does live up to its name. I feel like a new person every time I take a bath with it. A must have for maternity." -Karina, 潃潃潃潃潃  

A Much Needed Maternity Treat

Maternity is hard.

We all thought we knew this right, but then when it actually happens we're like, wow I didn't realize it was this hard.

Regular life is bad enough, but then you add a baby into the mix and it just gets wild.

We can all agree that sometimes it just gets to be too much. Mommas need a break.

The issue is, there's not really ever any time for that is there?

For most of us, it's wake up after a terrible night sleep, breastfeed a bit, hurry to work, get there late, grind for 8 hours, get home, throw together some dinner, spend some time with a crying baby, and repeat.

Weekends are just baby time plus errands unfortunately. So what's the solution?

Turn your shower time into a heavenly, rejuvenating experience that leaves you ready to tackle anything.

With some "Sex in a Jar" body scrub you can do exactly that. Showers are really the only alone time we get, so why not make them spectacular?

Imagine using a sexy, nurturing, and natural cane sugar scrub that awakens and stimulates all of your senses and leaves you feeling calm and satisfied.

Imagine bringing a meditative and relaxing spa experience to your own private bath.

Imagine pampering yourself with the highest-quality pure and golden cane sugar, masterfully blended with the lushest all-natural skin-nurturing oils and botanicals.

Imagine smelling it's exotic and compelling fragrance, containing soft notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and amber locked in an embrace with sultry, mysterious, and seductive... an enchanting and necessary indulgence.

Imagine rejuvenating and highlighting your velvety soft skin and its natural, healthy glow. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and nourish it to reveal your true beauty.

Using "Sex in a Jar" is an intimate and pleasurable experience and it's your time to reconnect... with you.

"It's so easy to forget everything else when you're in the shower rubbing in this body scrub. I don't think I could have made it through maternity without it" Brittnay, 潃潃潃潃潃  

It's time to take advantage of what you've got, and make your shower the best part of your day.

The value of the experience alone is easily hundreds of dollars.

In the span of one shower or bath, you get a full body exfoliation, a healing meditation, fresh moisturized skin, a new priceless scent, and a new outlook on life.

Try going to a real spa and asking for the same end result. The bill would be huge!

Treat yourself momma, you deserve it.

Copy of "Sex in a Jar" Cane Sugar Body Scrub Momma's Shop
Copy of "Sex in a Jar" Cane Sugar Body Scrub Momma's Shop
Copy of "Sex in a Jar" Cane Sugar Body Scrub Momma's Shop

"Sex in a Jar" Cane Sugar Body Scrub局

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  • Limited stock! Only 10 total jars (read why in story section below)
  • Spread the word, buy them up quick if you want us to make more.



  • Helps firm and tone
  • Moisturizes and softens
  • Helps balance skin oils
  • Exfoliates dry/dead/flaky skin
  • Reveals healthy and glowing skin
  • Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Helps heal and regenerate damaged skin
  • Deeply nourishes with critical nutrients, lipids, and antioxidants
  • Prevents dryness and cracking on hands
  • Softens dry, cracked cuticles


Slow down and enjoy the experience. Open carefully. Wet skin in bath or shower. For best results, turn off water, scrub entire body in smaller sections, rinse thoroughly. Do not allow excess water in container. The natural ingredients may vary in consistency and color.

Caution: oils in scrub may cause slippery bath/shower surfaces. Not for internal use. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.


100% pure, evaporated and crystallized golden cane sugar; all natural oils: kukui nut (aleurites moluccans); rice bran infused with calendula (oryzo sativa/calendula officinalis); sesame (sesamum indicum); shea olein (vitellaria paradoxa); organic virgin coconut (cocos nucifera); avocado (persea americana); apricot kernel (prunus armeniaca); meadowfoam seed (limnanthes alba); argan (argania spinose l. kernel); jojoba (simmondsia chinensis); cetearyl alcohol & glyceryl stearate (from coconut palm oil); amarantheth-20 (amaranthus); elderberry fruit extract (sambucus canadensis); all-natural (non-GMO) Vitamin E; grapefruit seed extract (citrus gandis); rosemary oil extract (rosmarinus officinalis); proprietary essential oil and/or fragrance oil blend.


  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Safe, pure, and natural formula
  • 100% natural pure cane sugar
  • Luxurious and seductive scents
  • With squalene and calendula
  • Healing and soothing oils
  • Free of gluten and soy
  • Free of glycerin and propylene glycol
  • Free of cheap oils and filler ingredients
  • Free of mineral oil and petroleum products
  • Does not separate or harden like most scrubs
  • Never animal tested; tested on willing humans
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • 100% vegan formula

The Story

Hey mommas! Co-founder Maria here.

Years ago when I was going through the early stages of maternity like you are right now, I was also struggling.

The only thing that got me through it at the time was a gift from a good friend of mine, Johnny Noble.

It was some "Sex in a Jar" believe it or not!

Johnny happens to own Noble Body, the company that produces the Cane Sugar Body Scrub

To make a long story short, years later I finally remembered my amazing experience with the "Sex in a Jar", and I realized how other mommas might be want to try it out too.

So I reached out to Johnny and he agreed to let us test selling 10 jars on Momma's Shop. He even graciously let us give them away at $10 cheaper than his price. The goal is to see if you guys like it as much as I did.

If you do, and we sell out super quick, then we might consider making our own line of body scrubs (with help from Johnny, so it would be pretty similar).

So if you want to see a Momma's Shop spin off of this amazing product, get a jar or two, share it with all your friends, and spread the word!